Storytelling for Events

Tom Hughes is an experienced storyteller with a wide repertoire of tales for many occasions.  He's told tales in castles, churches, museums, libraries, schools and festivals.  From traditional performances, through interactive tales where the audience become part of the story, to story walks, there's all sorts of ways to bring our rich heritage of tales to life. 
Story performances can be adapted to suit your venue, timings and audience, but these are some of the more popular sets that Tom tells.
'The Piper's Tale' - stories of bagpipers, grumpy kings, witches, fools and fairies meet in this lively mix of stories and music from across Europe.
'Cheshire Myths and Legends' - tales celebrating the rich folklore of the county.  Featuring an unpleasant prophet, the Devil outwitted, a dragon, buried treasure, and a ghost duck for good measure.
'Dark Tales' - perfect for those long winter nights.  These are stories to make you think.  Tales of boggarts, betrayal, goblins, witches' tricks, and of the perils of wishes gone wrong.
'All Greek to Me' - tales from Ancient Greece.  A mix of adventure, love, tragedy and trickery.  Not just the famous stories, but some of the less well known (and better?) tales too.
But there's many more possibilities, from Old English folk tales, stories from the Brothers Grimm, and Viking tales too.  If you'd like to have Tom telling tales for you, then give him a call on 07514 651453 or email